Extra Large Web Design Package $899

This package is for business owners who need a powerful, professional looking web site. Your website will be based on our Standard Layout Grid. You can mix and match and even have us modify the layout to meet your needs.

This is consisidered a static layout. Static layouts are the traditional web page: one design that sits in the center of the page and requires horizontal scrolling if the window is too small for it. We will design your website using Hypertext Markup Language(HTML), CSS3 and JQuery technology. This allows us to change every aspect of your website.

This Web Design Package features:

•1 free year of hosting ($95.00 Annually After)

•1 free year for domain name ($18.00 Annually After)

• 1 free year of Private Registration by Domains by Proxy ($20.00 Annually After)

•20 pages of content with images installed. (written by you and installed by me)(will be an added cost for buying images)

•Rotating Banners (will be an added cost for buying images)

•Image and Video Gallery (Can hold up to 100 photos)

•An email form on the contact page will be added

•7 email accounts (1MB each)or email forwarding

•Social Media Sharing Tools will be added to your site

•Color customization - you can choose one body color,one background color for your site,one sub banner color and colored fonts.

•Resizing and installation of your logo in the logo position of the layout (upper left or header) or installation of a text site name and slogan customized by using special fonts in the same position.

•A custom footer with copyright by your business or organization

•On site SEO optimization included

•Major Browser Compatible (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Opera)

•Custom Favicon Icon and Apple Touch Icon

•5 free rounds of final revisions

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